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Software solutions for safety cameras (optic, thermal)

Contra-flow traffic detection and warning management system

Implementation of 3 points in Banská Bystrica, highly effective system utilising our proprietary vehicle detection system of traffic movement in the opposite direction, and  subsequently informing road users about the impending risk on the approved, dynamic traffic sign (100 x 140 cm).  Our solution is based on the “all in one” device (mounted on a camera pole, including a computer and a warning board), delivering output in milliseconds (for road users) as well as simultaneous data transmission to operator dispatch.  Additional advanced warning (ahead of identified danger for incoming traffic) can be deployed for further safety improvement.

Detection of traffic hazards – People or animals crossing roads

Detection of an animal or a person on or near the road (using a thermal camera system and NaviDate’s proprietary algorithm and software), enabling the system triggering an alarm if, for example, a person or an animal crosses a fence and enters the road. The system ignores animals behind the fence out of the way, and thus does not cause false alarms. Further, the system incorporates an option to warn incoming vehicles 1 kilometer in advance on a 100 x 160 cm LED panel.

Simultaneous speed detection of up to 30 vehicles

utilising passive optical technology, unabled to be detected or jammed (in contrast to active measurement systems based on radar etc., detectable and vulnerable to counter-measures such as anti-radar systems).

Traffic flow analysis utilising data from cameras

For transport flow controllers and managers, our passive tracking optical system ensures an immediate and affordable comparison of toll system data with reality, or with its tolling devices.  Classification of vehicles (passenger, cargo, bus, motorcycle, trailer, …) and statistical analysis can be delivered as a consulting services, based on the needs of the highway operator.

Structural online health monitoring of transport infrastructure

(bridges, tunnels, runways etc.),

Crossing of the prohibited line

Drone detection